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    Multivac LARAON India Pvt. Ltd. Is the joint venture company between Multivac Germany & LARAON. Multivac was founded in 1961 and produces machines for packing products in film. With exports accounting for about 80% of sales, Multivac is a global supplier primarily to the food processing industry and manufacturers of disposable medical equipment, although customers with non-food applications are another target group.

    MULTIVAC offers a comprehensive selection of packaging systems for food, medical, consumer and industrial products. These systems include thermoformers, tray sealers, vacuum chamber machines, labellers, printing systems as well as automation and quality inspection technologies for seamless integration into complete processing and packaging lines.

    With the most experienced team in the packaging industry, MULTIVAC will deliver a streamlined, customized solution according to your specific business demands.

    Multivac Portfolio

    Segments Packaging Machines Services

    • Food
    • Medical Devices and Pharmaceuticals
    • Industrial and Consumer Goods

    • Thermoforming Machines
    • Tray Sealers
    • Chamber Machines
    • Chamber Belt Machines
    • Automation Solutions

    • Planning & Consulting
    • Package Development
    • Validation & Calibration for maximum process security
    • Global Support Network
    • Instruction & Training
    • Installation